Appen Global Helpdesk FAQ
Posted by Rafael Samonte on 23 May 2018 05:07 PM
What if I forgot my Appen Global password?
Here are the easy steps to recover your password:
1. Click on ‘Reset Password? link in the Sign In page
2. You will be asked to enter your email address. Enter your email address and click “SEND RESET INSTRUCTIONS”
3. A notification will display that you will receive an email with instructions on how to reset your password
4. Check the instructions on your email and click “Change my password” button
5. In the New Password form, enter your new password and click “SET PASSWORD”
6. You will be automatically redirected to Appen Global home page after successfully changing your password
My confirmation link/token appears to be broken and I can't confirm my account anymore, what should I do?
Confirmation link sent to your email can be used only once. If your account was not yet confirmed but the confirmation token already expired, you can resend a new confirmation token by following the steps below:
1. In the Sign in page, click "Reset password?" link
2. Once in the Reset Password page, click "Need to confirm your account? Click here." link 
3. Enter your valid email in the email confirmation page
4. Check your mail for the new confirmation link and confirm your account
I've been locked out of my account after submitting invalid password, can I still retrieve my Appen Global account and sign back in again?
User accounts will be locked after 6-7 invalid login attempts. An information message "Your account is locked for 5 minutes" will be displayed when this happens. For the user to be able to
sign back in again without waiting for the 5-minute lock out period, they can request a new password token to reset their password.
1. In the Appen Global sign in page, click ‘Reset password?’ link
2. A password reset token will be sent to the user's email address
3. Once the Reset password instructions email is received, click the link/password token.
4. Set a new password
5. Click Set Password button. User is now logged in to Appen Global.  

I haven’t received any reset password or confirmation email in my mail inbox, what should I do?
There are cases where legitimate emails are send to your spam or junk folder. In case you haven’t received or haven’t found any reset or confirmation email from Appen, kindly check your Spam or Junk folder.

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